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Retaining Walls

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About Retaining Walls

In the simplest terms, retaining walls are structures meant to hold back the movement or displacement of water, earth, and plant life. Typically when discussing landscaping design, retaining walls are often found in places where extra support is needed or to level off areas that previously sloped downward. When it comes to building retaining walls for homes and businesses in Northern Nevada, they’re constructed for purpose-driven reasons such as preventing plants and soil from falling into the street or preventing erosion. They might also be esthetic in nature or for beautification reasons to create a unique look on your property, sometimes even offering privacy from prying eyes. Frequently, landscaping retaining walls, no matter where they’re located, serve both functions. Additionally, retaining walls may even serve as additional seating options, depending on the conceptual design of the project.

It’s extremely important to install your retaining wall properly and that you hire a professional retaining wall contractor like River Concrete Construction. Cracks, bulges, slippage, and erosion are common features of improperly installed retaining walls. Typically these types of structural failures occur when do-it-yourselfers or “handymen” attempt jobs that are beyond their skill level. However, selecting the wrong contractor can reduce disastrous results as well. After all, retaining walls must be built strong enough to hold back the powerful pressure of soil, stones, water, roots, and more. Poor drainage and improper installation of drainage mechanisms may also lead to the failure of your retaining wall’s design.

Retaining walls can come in all shapes. and sizes, and for all types of properties. For those of us who live in the Northern Nevada region, we’re prone to rain, snow, hail, flooding, draughts… you name it. And if you don’t ensure you hire the proper contractor for the job, your retaining wall and landscape design won’t last very long. Don’t make that mistake find a reliable retaining wall and landscape contractor who will guarantee their workmanship and provide you with a retaining wall you’ll be proud of for years to come.

Reasons for Adding Retaining Walls

Erosion & Material Control

If erosion materials are clogging, blocking, or littering areas on your property, adding retaining walls minimize erosion and keep items in place by decreasing the angle of a slope, thereby holding back soil & stones.

Erosion Prevention

Depending on the size and location of your property, if it’s downhill from fault lines, erosion might threaten your home or property in the future, even if there are no visible problems right now. Safety first!

Landscaping Elevation

Looking to enhance the look of your property by elevating certain portions of it? Whether adding trees, stones, xeriscaping, gardens, or stairs, retaining walls are a great way to add a unique touch to your landscape design.

Why Choose River Concrete Construction?

A professional landscaping contractor is the best choice when it comes to building retaining walls as part of your landscaping design, and while they can be created by experienced do-it-yourselfers, they’re best left to the pros. What’s not negotiable is building a large retaining wall to ensure your property or home remains safe from quakes, landslides, floods, and erosion.

Hiring a skilled, professional team to build a large retaining wall ensures you, your family, and your patrons remain safe and secure. That valuable experience will prevent you from experiencing the consequences of an engineering catastrophe. After all, these retaining walls contribute to the stability of the land itself. Landscaping that is improperly packed or walls that may fall apart or shift under pressure can take your home out along with it.

Whether you’re looking to install a new retaining wall, add to an existing wall, or repair a damaged retaining wall, River Concrete is the best hardscape retaining wall contractor in Reno. We take pride in what we do and ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality work and bang for their buck. If you’re interested in receiving a quote on a retaining wall, large or small, from the best hardscape contractor in town, reach out to River Concrete Construction and we’ll happily set up an appointment with you.