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What You Need to Know About Sealing Concrete

Concrete is an amazing substance used to build foundations, driveways, sidewalks, patios, RV pads, and more. Unsurprisingly, installing concrete around your property is a great way to increase the value of your home or business. However, if you want your investment to last for as long as possible and to maintain its beauty and stability, you need to seal your concrete.

First and foremost, concrete sealers protect your concrete from extreme weather conditions and wild temperature swings found in the Northern Nevada region. Additionally, sealing concrete protects against, water damage, grease stains, and oil leaks, and abrasions. Concrete sealers even protect your driveways, walkways, and concrete pathways from deicing salts used during the cold winters in the Reno/Tahoe area. Finally, sealing with concrete helps bring out the natural beauty of your concrete while also making it easier to clean. But in order for a concrete sealer to work properly and do its job, it must be applied properly, whether done by a professional team like River Concrete Construction, or by a savvy homeowner. Whoever does the job, the most important thing is to make sure it’s done regularly and done right!

Sealing your concrete first requires you to remove any oil or grease stains from dripping cars. You’ll also need to remove as much of the tire streaking as possible. Furthermore, any dirt & dust should be completely removed from the concrete surface. With that in mind, it’s best to apply concrete sealer on a nice day with little to no wind. Also, if your concrete is cracked or broken, we recommend cleaning up any debris and properly filling holes before sealing concrete. From there, you or your contractor will need to determine the type and volume of concrete sealants required for the job while ensuring the sealer is applied and set properly.

Repairing Broken or Damaged Concrete

While repairing cracks and broken portions of concrete structures are important in an aesthetic sense, there’s more to concrete crack repair than that. In fact, structural or physical damage to your concrete structures can become a huge safety concern over time, especially depending on the type of structure and its role in your home or business. If left unchecked or unrepaired, exposure to various environmental and man-made elements may further break, damage, and disintegrate the concrete’s structure, sometimes irreparably over time.

Concrete is susceptible to damage from harsh weather, expansion & contraction during temperature swings, direct impacts from objects, root growth, shifting of ground settlement, and seismic tremors, among many other things. Therefore, it’s important that you take care of filling cracks in concrete structures and ensuring they remain as stable and reliable as possible.

Depending on the extent of concrete damage, you may need either a full-depth repair (removal of damaged concrete and replacement with fresh, new concrete), or a partial-depth repair (cutting around the edges of the damaged concrete and removing it). A licensed concrete contractor like the professional team at River Concrete Construction can help seal cracks in sidewalks, repair cracking foundations, and keep your property safe.

Why Seal or Repair Broken Concrete?

Ensure Long Lifespan

When properly sealed & maintained, concrete lasts for decades. Whether inside or outside, regular sealing and upkeep of your concrete paths, patios, floors, and driveways ensure longer life, easy maintenance, and protection of your investment.

Increased Attractiveness

Sealing concrete provides a glossy finish and ensures a like-new appearance to your home or business. Additionally, sealing and preparing concrete prevents future flaws from forming that take away from aesthetic appeal. This is especially true for stained, painted, embellished, and stamped concrete.

Minimize Dust & Damage

Sealing your concrete and repairing cracks that develop helps keep your concrete in better condition and fosters a safe working environment. Additionally, sealing concrete makes dusting & mopping much easier and promotes a healthy work environment for both employees & equipment.

Why Choose River Concrete Construction?

Depending on the type of concrete, patterns, stamps, damage, and area that needs to be sealed, you’ll have a number of factors to consider when sealing your concrete. To get the job done right, it’s best to hire a local concrete contractor who has the manpower & materials to get it done right the first time. This is even more relevant for stores and warehouses which need to ensure their concrete can handle extensive foot traffic and remain safe to avoid legal trouble.

Whether you’re looking to seal a new concrete patio, driveway, pathway, or garage, or warehouse floor, River Concrete is the best Sparks concrete contractor for the job. Additionally, if you’re in need of concrete repairs, we’ve got you covered as well. We take pride in what we do and ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality work and bang for their buck. If you’re interested in receiving a quote for concrete sealing or concrete repair from the best Reno concrete contractor in Northern Nevada, feel free to reach out to River Concrete Construction and we’ll happily set up an appointment with you.