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About Hardscape Patios

There are many choices when it comes to repairing and installing new hardscape or concrete patios. Concrete is a highly durable option for a new patio that offers an endless number of options to fit your unique taste and styles. Additionally, a new concrete or hardscape patio will most certainly increase the value of your property. After all, there are so many options to make your patio a customized setting for BBQs, parties, relaxation, and more. Staining, stamping, stonework, brickwork – the choice is yours!

Some very handle or knowledgeable individuals may be able to handle laying and creating patios. However, in our experience, those without the skills and knowledge tend to end up with misshapen, sloping, or sinking concrete and brickwork. Even homeowners successfully tackle a job like this on their own may not have the skillset to create the elaborate concepts and designs they have in mind. For most, the best hope is that it ends up functional at all..

In reality, crafting, planning, and laying out a nice concert patio or hardscape brick patio can be complex work, especially depending on the extent of the job and coverage area. For this reason, it is usually best left to a patio construction company that can excavate, prepare mixtures, pour the concrete, lay brickwork, stamp & color, and finish the surfaces with speed and precision.

Benefits of Concrete & Hardscape Patios

Long-Lasting Lifespan

When designed, laid, and maintained, your beautiful custom patio can last for years. to come. We’ll happily instruct you and inform you on the best ways to maintain your patio’s stunning look & longevity.

Easy Maintenance

The yearly application of concrete sealer to your concrete patio helps avoid staining or discoloration, especially with customized concrete designs. As long as you maintain the plantlife around your driveway and don’t let tree roots interfere, there is little to do to keep your amazing patio looking new.

Highly Customizable

Customize your new concrete patio with imaginative designs & vibrant color combos. Textured & stamped concrete driveways can imitate tile, brick, cobblestone, and more.

The world is truly your oyster when it comes to designing your patio and its surroundings. Grass, rocks, turf, bricks, trees, shrubs, xeriscaping, and more. Let your patio become the centerpiece of your new landscaping work and make your backyard the special place it was always meant to be.

Choosing Your Patio Construction Materials

Colored Clay Brick Pavers

Clay brick pavers can be laid in several attractive patterns including running bond, stacked bond, basketweave, and bordered herringbone.

Plain & Stamped Concrete

If you’re looking for a versatile and adaptable walkway material, poured concrete is unmatched with its myriad of color & texture options.

Natural Rock, Stone & Sand

Using natural rocks, stones, and sand creates an elegant one-of-a-kind look, as each stone has a unique color, shape, texture, and design.

Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Interlocking concrete pavers offer the ability to create shaped decorative walkways with a variety of different shapes, styles, and patterns.

Why Choose River Concrete Construction?

The process of installing a concrete patio, or brick paver patio should be completed by a professional who’s skilled at preparing and compacting the subgrade below. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an uneven patio that’s susceptible to displacement from tree roots and other elements found in Northern Nevada. But you’re in luck! The team at River Concrete in Sparks, NV are experts in patio installation.

As a licensed concrete contractor, River Concrete Construction specializes in all types of concrete patio design and installation, from standard slabs to stamped and colored concrete. We also carry a complete line of pavers to suit your needs and craft your vision into reality.

Whether you’re looking to install a brand new patio, create a pool patio, or repair a damaged patio, River Concrete is the best hardscape patio contractor in Reno. We take pride in what we do and ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality work and bang for their buck. If you’re interested in receiving a quote on a concrete patio or hardscape patio from the best Reno patio contractor, reach out to River Concrete Construction and we’ll happily set up an appointment with you.